Capítulo 086

Capítulo 86 – LODLMA

En este episodio:
Caravan/Night in Tunisia – Paula West
Tangerine – Helen O´Connell & Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra
Green eyes – Helen O´Connell
The sweetest sounds – Helen O´Connell & Murray McEachern Orchestra
I can´t believe in love with me – Helen O´Connell & Page Cavanaugh Trio
Just in time – Helen O´Connell
Saratoga rag – Luis Russell Orchestra
Transcontinental – Spud Murphy Orchestra
Moten swing – Harry James
I´m beginning to see the light – Helen Forrest & Harry James Orchestra
Casa Loma stomp – Casa Loma Orchestra
Rocking chair – Louis Armstrong & Casa Loma Orchestra
Mrs. Hannah – McKinney´s Cotton Pickers
Long ago and far away – Charlie Watts